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“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.”

————Paul Rand












I consulted with quite a few designers for my restaurant project before working with Jimmydesign. I got a very specific vision about my business. Most of the designers I talked to, either didn’t have enough patience to listen about my vision, or would just offer me some design themes from their past works. Jimmydesign, on the other hand, not only spent the time to understand the business concept, but more importantly, made the efforts to come up with several designs for me to choose from, and all of them were in tune with my concept about the business. The works came after, were just stunning. The design was unique, the colour theme was beautiful and unified. If my business expands, I would choose them to design my next store in a heartbeat.
— Kurt Xian, Owner of Kome Shokudo
Great work! That’s all I can say. Jimmy Design took care of all the branding work for us, from the packaging, the website, and all the way to the products photography, every single piece of work exceeded our expectations. They are forever inspiring, accommodating, and most importantly get the job done on time! Highly recommended!
— Jiayin Bao Ph.D / Founder of BAO Laboratory
Jimmy is my favourite designer and photographer. All the talent shows on his work. His dedication and professional make him really easy to work with. I’m very picky on how things are captured or arranged in a picture and he can always impress me. His sensitivity on elements in trends helps him to deliver such a sophisticated work that will definitely above and beyond your expectations.
— Mofei Jin / Founder of Alethea
Jimmy Design did an outstanding job for our winery in Lake Erie North Shore. The label “CAVATINA” delivers the concept of music and the style of the wine. The label of 2012 Icewine is a piece of art for a wine bottle.
— Jean Chen / Owner of Vivace Winery
We took over a restaurant from the previous owners and the business was really bad at the start. But then we found Jimmy Design and they helped design all of our menus, logo, website, and everything else. After they helped us redesign everything our business went up! Customers would come in and compliment the new designs. Jimmy Design understood what we wanted and they did it and made it even better. They made our business so much better, they’re miracle workers. 100% recommend them.
— Melissa Chiu / Owner of Teppan House Teppanyaki and Sushi Restaurant
Jimmy Ma  Lead Designer & Photographer

Jimmy Ma
Lead Designer & Photographer

Vera Zhao  Marketing Expert

Vera Zhao
Marketing Expert

Vince Zhang  Photographer

Vince Zhang

Gerry   UI/UX designer

UI/UX designer